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Playname: Post wing shooting
This play is good to get your post players out and shooting that midrange jumper,

Players start under basket, pass to coach and set a pick & roll

You can rotate the position of the screen from wing - elbow - elbow - wing, this gives good repetition
Receive the ball back form coach, you must square up at this point to see what the defense is giving you.

If you have space, you should have the confidence to shoot the ball, if the defender is tight you should drive by, so both of these have to be practiced at each stage of this drill.
Either shoot the ball or wait for the next player to set the screen and 2 dribble off the screen for the shot.

Depending on set up, you might want to rotate the coach out and have a guard at top, and add in a defender / coach for the post player to set a screen on.

The other player could even be fighting for the rebound to go next. Add a bit of competition to the drill, remember to keep score!!
Submitted by: Tony Shand
Category: Shooting
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