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Fast break
Playname: Primary lanes
5 - Get ball as it goes through the net.  Don't let it hit the floor.  Get out of bounds ASAP, and deliver a STRONG overhead pass to 1.

1 - Is at the Top-of-the-key-extended waiting for ball.  Back is towards the sidelines.  When he catches the ball, if there is someone open ahead, he should pass, and continue in his lane to the right wing position.  If not, then he dribbles to the right wing position.  Drive to basket if possible, if layup not open, then stop at right wing.
2 and 3 fill the outside lanes.  Stay wide and continue to the corners.

4 - Fill lane as shown.  Look for sealing/post up opportunities on weak side.

5 - Trail up the middle lane.  First stop at the top of key for possible 3 pointer.  If he doesn't get the ball, then continue to lower block on right side.  Expect the ball while cutting to low post.  Look for sealing/post up opportunities.
1's options in order are:
A.  Drive to basket for layup.
B.  3 pt. jumper from right wing.
C.  Pass to 2 in corner.
     2 should:
            a.  Shoot 3 pointer from corner.
            b.  Pass to 5 cutting to low post.
            c.  Pass back to 1.
D.  Pass to 3 in corner and move over to left wing.
      3 should:
            a.  Shoot 3 pointer from corner.
            b.  Pass to 4 cutting to low post.
            c.  Pass back to 1.
E.  Pass to 4
D.  Pass to 5 at top of key if open.  If not, look for 5 as he's cutting/posting/sealing to low post.
Submitted by: Coy Hall
Categories: Fast break, Offense
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