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Playname: Princeton pt2 low
A reminder that other than the post, all other players are interchangeable. Numbers are used here to track players' movements.

In "low", when 1 passes to 3, he cuts through to the opposite corner. If the ball can be passed quickly into 5, 5 may look to pass to 1 as he cuts to the basket. 2 moves to the midline.
If 3 passes into the post, he has three options.

He may:
1) screen at the elbow for 2,
2) he may move to the ball side corner, or
3) he may cut to the basket.
In this option, 3 elects to screen at the elbow for 2. 5 looks to score first, then he looks at 2 coming off of the screen.

5 must read the defense on the catch. If he receives the ball and the defense is behind him, 5 dribbles to the midline, where he can attack the basket or pass out if help doubles down from the perimeter.
If 5 doesn't have a move to the basket, he can pass to 2 coming off of the screen or to 3 who has popped up after his screen.

If he passes to 2, 2 looks to shoot. If 5 passes up to 3, 5 moves up to the elbow, and "high" is run. Of course if 3 is a shooter and is open, he may shoot after receiving 5's pass.
If 3 chooses to cut to the corner, 2 sees this and sets a pin screen on 4's man. 4 comes to the top.

If 5 passes to 4, 5 moves to the ball side elbow to begin "high".

If 4 passes to 5 at the elbow, 2 would cut to 1's corner, 1 would move up, and "high" away, under, or over would be run (explanation later).
If 3 chooses to cut through, 5 first looks to pass to him on the give-and-go. 2 sees that he is not getting a screen from 3, so he again sets a pin screen for 4.

In this case, rather than come to the top, 4 curls hard around the screen, looking to get a handoff from 5. If 4 gets the handoff, he goes hard to the basket using 5 as a screen. If 5 hands off, he seals and drop-steps to the lane.
If 3 is unable to enter the ball into 5 and passes it up to 2, 5 moves up and begins "high".
If 3 cannot get the ball into 5 and 2 is being denied, 3 dribbles at 2.
Whenever a player is being denied and a teammate dribbles toward him, the denied player cuts hard backdoor.

In this case, if 2 is denied, he cuts to the basket on 3's dribble.
If 2 doesn't get the backdoor pass from 3, he cuts through to the ball side corner.

4 and 1 have moved up on 3's dribble.
If 3 passes to 4, 3 makes a diagonal cut to the basket looking for a return pass. If 3 doesn't get a return pass, he cuts to the opposite corner.

On 3's pass, 5 moves to the elbow and 2 moves up. "High" begins with a pass to 5.
3 has dribbled up and 2 has cut backdoor. 3 looks to pass to 4. However, if 4 is denied, 3 dribbles at him and 4 cuts backdoor. If 3 can't pass to 4, 3 passes to 1. 4 has posted up and 5 moves to set a flare screen for 3. This is now a top flare situation which will be discussed in more detail shortly.

When 3 dribbles across the midline, a backdoor/fill or flare situation is created. Before we continue with the offense, it is important to discuss the backdoor/fill or flare concept. The top flare concept will also be shown.
Submitted by: Jon Huggins
Category: Offense
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