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Playname: Princeton pt4 open
Now, we move into the "open" set. "Open" typically results from a cut off of the top in a top flare situation. There is momentarily a 5 around 0 look.

Looking at the last diagram of part 3, 3 has cut off of 5's flare screen. 5 has popped up top and receives the pass from 1. 5 reverses the ball by dribbling at 2 for a back cut/fill or handoff situation. In this instance, 2 cuts and 3 has moved up. 5 passes to 2 if he is open on the cut. If 2 is not open on the cut, 5 passes to 3.
In "open", the back cutter (2) doesn't stay in the post after his back cut. As soon as 2 hits the block, he moves up to set a back pick on 5's defender. 5 makes a UCLA cut to the block and 2 pops out. 3 looks at 5 cutting into the post.

On the back cut, 1 and 4 move up. 2 would cut through if after popping up he doesn't receive the ball, and the offense would now be in "low".
In "open", if 5 dribbles at 1, yet 1's defender sags rather than overplay, 1 reads his defense and takes a handoff from 5. 1 then turns the corner and looks to attack the basket.

This action runs contrary to previous situations whereby 2 would have set a flare screen for 1 had 1's defender sagged. In "open", there are no flare screens, only handoffs. This is to exploit the spacing and attack the basket.
If, upon receiving the handoff from 5, 1's path to the basket is blocked, he continues his dribble, going straight at 3. If 3 is overplayed, he runs a backdoor/fill. 5 would set the flare screen on 1 after 1's pass.
If 3's defender sags, then 3 would take the handoff and attack the basket. If in this case, 3's path was blocked, he would dribble to the next man. In this example, that man would be 5.

If 5 was denied, he would run a backdoor/fill. The offense would now be in "low".
Submitted by: Jon Huggins
Category: Offense
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