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Playname: Rebound, outlet and pass
10 or more players and two balls.

How to run it:
Players set up as per diagram.
Defensive players 1 and 2 contest rebounds.
Players 1 through 8 run initial offense and or Break.

Players 5 and 6 shoot ball from top of the key, players 1 and 4 make the defensive rebound.

Defensive players 1 and 2 attempt to take the offensive board and delay the outlet pass.
After taking the outlet pass players 1 and 4 look to make a strong outlet pass on the ballside, should the defensive players prevent this then encourage the players to rip the ball through strong and or escape dribble to outlet to the other wing.

When the outlet pass is made the opposite wing should immediatley sprint towards the midcircle (in this case players 3 and 7).

Players 2 and 8 look to make a quick pass to players 3 and 7 in or around the mid circle.
Players 1 and 4 now move out to replace 3 and 7 on the wing, with defensive players 1 and 2 taking position to gather the defensive rebound.

Players 5 and 6 now move to a position to take the offensive rebound and delay the outlet.

Players 3 and 7 dribble to the top of the key, and take a jump shot drill repeats.

Encourage rebounders to catch and chin the ball whilst in the air, same time 1/4 turn towards the ball side wing checking over their shoulder.
Have them box out had before the ball has made contact with the ring or backboard.

Encourage an overhead pass, if they are unable to make the overhead pass then this means they are being closely guarded and need to either pivot and outlet to the other wing or make an escape dribble to make the pass.

Have the offensive rebounders contest the shot so that it brings realism into the drill.

Should the offensive rebounder make the rebound, encourage them to go up again directly for the put back, the defensive play can then inbound from the baseline.

Have the players on the wing read the situation and move when the ball moves not before.
Submitted by: Douglas Zivcic
Category: Rebounding
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