Basketball plays and drills
Offense 1-4
Playname: Red 3
Coach Troy Culley
Torbay Tigers Basketball Club (England)

Quick Hitter from a 1-4 set that finishes with a double pick and roll.

Red 3 (A)

• 1 dribbles up.
• 4 pops to the three point line to receive ball reversal.
• 2 and 3 drop to the corners.
Red 3 (B)

• 1 curls to the corner.
• 2 curls high and receives pass from 4.
• 4 cuts to the block.
Red 3 (C)

• 5 sets the screen, followed straight after by 4.
• 2 and 4 run the pick and roll.
• 3 relocates to drag the help side defender out of position.
Submitted by: Troy Culley
Categories: Offense 1-4, Offense man
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