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Playname: Reggie
Point Guard brings the ball up the floor. The defense is playing man-to-man.
When Player 1 nears half court, player 2 takes one step toward outside, then back cuts into the lane and makes a V-cut at the dotted line and goes up to the left side of the free throw line extended.
Player 3 cuts to the baseline and loses his man by using the picks set by players 4 and 5.
Player 3 then cuts up to the open area to the right of the lane about 10 feet from the basket and receives the pass from player 1.
Player 3 has the option to shoot if he is open at this time. This is the first option on this play.
As player 3 receives the ball, player 4 cuts across the lane and sets a pick for player 5. Player 5 curls around the pick and is ready to receive a pass from player 3 or get the rebound. If player 5 does not receive the pass, he continues through the lane to the spot vacated by player 4.
After player 1 passes the ball to player 3, player 1 moves to the left and sets a pick for player 2. Player 2 curls around the top of the pick and cuts down the lane.
Option two on the play is for player 3 to pass to player 5 for the easy layup.
Option three is for player 3 to pass the ball to player 2 as he cuts down the lane for the jumper or a layup.
If neither the shot or any passes are there, player 1 moves back to the top of the key. Player 3 passes to player 1 and the offense resets.
Player 1 then calls out the new play.
Submitted by: Rick Notter
Category: Offense
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