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Playname: Rotation rebounding
Rotation Rebounding
I used this to try to get our girls used to finding a body to block out.  You can use this with as few as 3 or as many as 5.

You set the players up in a circle under the basket defense walks in a circle one way while the offense walks in the opposite direction.

I like to do it full court this also allows us to work on our transition game as well.  
The drill starts with the girls walking their circles a coach then shoots the ball and it must be rebounded, if the offense gets the rebound the defense does 5 push ups if they get the rebound and score the defense does 10 push-ups we stay at that end until def gets a rebound.
If defense rebounds it they run our fast break or secondary set down to the other end, I usually allow them to run through until they get into one of set offenses then stop them and circle them up again in according to whose offensive end it is.

Then go through the same thing again.  

It's a really simple drill that makes the girls find a body instead of just going to a spot to rebound
Submitted by: Doug Baxter
Category: Rebounding
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