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Playname: Run & gun
Coach starts off with the ball.

Player 1 rebounds a shot off the backboard.

Player 2 sprints to the elbow at the other end of the floor.

Player 3 moves up the floor for the outlet pass.
Player 1 outlets to Player 3.
Player 3 dribbles to half court.

Player 2 cuts hard to the wing opposite.

Player 1 runs the lane.
Player 3 passes to Player 2 who catches in triple threat.

Players 1 & 3 continue up the floor.
Player 3 fakes away, then makes a basket cut and pops out the other side.

Player 1 continues to run the lane.
Player 1 makes the same cut, but receives from Player 2, makes a layup and gets his own rebound.

Player 3 begins to sprint towards the other end.
Player 2 cuts straight across the floor and receives the outlet from 1.

Player 3 continues down to the block.
Player 2 dribbles to half court.

Player 3 comes back towards the ball.

Player 1 runs the lane.
Player 2 hits Player 3 with a pass then continues up the floor.

Player 1 continues to run the lane.
Player 2 makes a basket cut but doesn\rquote t receive.
Player 1 makes a basket cut, receives and scores.

Have the second man up the floor:

*Set an on-ball to practice transitioning into screen and roll.

**Make a deep seal, catch and score.
Submitted by: Ben Ward
Categories: Transition, Fast break
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