Basketball plays and drills
Defense man
Playname: Shell box-switch spot
1 ball
8 players

Practice defense against offense that switches positions.

• passes from guard to guard.

Defense, during pass:
• 1 jumps with the ball.
• 2 defends straight up.
• 3 falls back to the middle.
• 4 denies the passing line.
• After the pass 1 and 3 switch position.

• Defenders 1 and 3 switch position too.

Teaching points
• 1 stays closest to the ball.
• communicate.
Back in starting position.

Offense 2 passes to 3 and the same sequence repeats.

To show why top defender stays closest to the ball and for practicing the defense against screens.

• Offense down screen from guard to center.
• Offense back screen from center to guard.
• As always communicate, if the screen is good the defender of the screener will call for a switch.
Submitted by: Johannis Winar
Categories: Defense man, Defense
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