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Playname: Shooting off a handoff
Dribble hand-off rules

- Dribbler come to a 2-foot stop
- Hand position on the ball - 1 on top, one underneath for easy of "catch"
- No more than 2 dribbles towards team mate
- Receiver look to "turn the corner" after taking the ball
- Initial dribbler to dive to basket after hand-off, depending on the offensive alignment

Player 1 dribbles towards player 2's defender and makes a jump stop. Player 1 now makes a dribble handoff holding the ball with both hands.

Player 2's first step should be towards the basket then receive the ball out of the handoff.

Player 2 should start high and wide. Player 1 should always start with a drive fake (jab step)  and/or shot fake.

Play 2 on 2
Dribble from the point to the area between the elbow and the 3pt line.
Dribble from the wing to the area between the elbow and the 3pt line.
Submitted by: Brett Coxsedge
Category: Shooting
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