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Playname: Shot after move
shot after offensive movement


Half court with 4 players in position 1, 2, 3 and 4; a ball with 1 and another one in 4.

1 passes to 2. 4 passes to 3 so 3 can make a lay-up.
After 2 has received the ball, 2 dribbles to the cone located at the midline.
After given the pass to 3 4 goes to the other cone located at the midline.

Simultaneously, 1 goes to the cone located at the elbow of the bucket.
2 passes to 4.
3 passes to 1.
1 shoots the ball and takes the rebound. 3 goes back to his/hers starting position.
4 gives the ball to 3.

2 and 4 run towards the cone at the corner of the bucket.
When they arrive at the height of the cone at the free throw line:

2 changes direction and cuts towards 3 and receives the ball from 3.

4 goes around the cone and receives a pass from 1.
2 and 4 take their shot (kind can be altered by the trainer (shot fake)).
1 takes the position, which was occupied by 2 at the beginning.
4 and 2 capture their respective rebound.

3 and 1 move without a ball to prepare for the outlet passes.
4, after having taken the rebound leaves the field for a pass to one.

After 2, has taken his rebound he makes a pivot move and gives an outlet pass to 3.
After the pass to 3 2 touch the sideline. And goes to the basket to receive a pass from 3.
4 passes to 1.

The players have returned in the starting positions and can continue the exercise.

1 takes the place of 2
2 takes the place of 3
3 takes the place of 4
and 4 takes the place of 1

Submitted by: Web Association Basketball Coaches
Category: Shooting
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