Basketball plays and drills
Offense shuffle
Playname: Shuffle -1st option
1 passes to 2 and runs shuffle cut off 5

2 looks for entry to 1

3 and 4 form double screen low
5 will step out and screen and role with 2

2 goes hard to middle and looks at options:
        - 2 for shot
        - 5 on the roll
        - 1 coming off double screen
2 reverses ball to 1

4 steps to corner

3 screens 5 (trying to force switch)
If completed succesfully we now look like this

To balance into offense again:

5 steps up to post

1 dribbles ball to allign with post

4 steps high
We are ready to run the offense again
Submitted by: David Munns
Category: Offense shuffle
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