Basketball plays and drills
Out of bounds
Playname: Sideline out of bounds 2
Starting positions: Out of bounds sideline

call = sideline

3 starts the out of bounds by hitting hard on the ball.

2 sets a screen on the defender of 1.
1 setups his defender so that he bumps into the screen.
3 passes to the free 1
3 cuts over the double screen of 4 and 5.

Passing options:
1.  1 passes the ball straight to the cutting 3
2.  1 gives a quick pass  to 2 (for a better passing angle), who passes the ball to the cutting 3.  
If 3 doesn't get the ball he goes to the weak side out of the three point area.
5 sets a screen for 4.
4 goes over the screen of 5 and receives the ball from 1 or 2.
If 4 doesn't get the ball he goes to the low post on the weak side.
After the screen on 4, 5 rolls to the ball and if possible receives the ball from 1.
Submitted by: Erik Timmermans
Category: Out of bounds
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