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Out of bounds
Playname: Sideline out of bounds 27
Sideline out of bounds - Cross

We use this side out-of-bounds play vs. man defenses.

We initially set up in a 2-3 set. Player #3 always throws the ball in when we take the ball out on the sideline.

Players #1 and #2 cross, and #4 v-cuts and flashes high.

Player #3 throws the ball in to #4.
Player #4 hits #1.

Player #1 can pass to #3 coming of a screen set by #2.
Or player #1 passes #2 coming off the staggered screens set by #5 and #4.
In this case the ball goes to #2 for the inside shot.
Submitted by: Jay Hollister
Category: Out of bounds
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