Basketball plays and drills
Out of bounds
Playname: Sideline out of bounds 6
Player 2 (shooter) takes the inbounds.

Player 4 down screens for player 1 to get open for inbounds.

Players 3 and 5 take position on opposite block.
After player 1 cuts off screen, player 4 screens defender on inbounds allowing player 2 to cut, to the other side using the double screen by 3 and 5.

Player 1 dribbles to get a better passing angle for a pass to player 2.
If the pass to player 2 is not given, 4 screens down on player 3.

Player 1 dribbles back (keep the dribble alive).

Player 3 gets the ball and shoots, or reset to set play.
Submitted by: Bill Howard
Category: Out of bounds
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