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Playname: Simple 5 out offense

Offense starts with a 5 player spread.

We need the 1 or 2 player to be in the point. The players in the corners need to be low in the corner....

At this stage (this may change) we do not care which of the places any of the other players take to start the offense.

If needed, the 2 and 3 players should v cut (with the slash arm) and replace themselves to get free.

The ball goes to either wing. The opposite wing then cuts to the low post on the ball side.

On the first wing cut - try to take the defense one way the change pace and direction quickly to try and get in front of the defense when cutting.

Keep hands up as a target, the aim is to get to the spot (marked X) near the basket with the defense behind you ready for a pass.
If possible - stay on the spot as a target for a second before going to the low post. Remeber to stay on the low post, as a second cut will go to the high post.

The ball carrier should be looking for an easy pass to the first cutter. A pass fake may be needed.

We need a firm, well-directed pass - if this is not possible wait for the second cut.
As the first cutter gets in to the low post, the point (1 player) goes down to set a screen on the away corner player (in this case the 4).
The corner player comes off the down screen and also attempts to get to the spot under the basket with the defender behind them - again waits for a second and goes to the high post.
As for the first cutter, if the ball can be passed into the cutter on the spot - then do so. If not then await the low post screen.

Option - ball may go into the high or low post at any time if they make a good, strong target. If this occurs the other post opens up to the basket in front of their defender.
We now have a strong side overload with pass to both post options.

The low outside player now comes and sets a screen for the low post (the first cutter, 3). The aim is to get her free for a small jump shot (or fake and drive) from the baseline.

After the screen the 5 players opens up to the basket (a roll). The pass to this player should be a reasonable option if a good screen has been set.

The 1 player (the original point) drifts up the key just in case a skip pass is available or the ball carrier needs help.

If nothing has happened - or nothing is on, the high post pops out to the point to receive the ball and the now low post continues to roll away to the opposite side.
With the pass to the 4, the play is set up again as we go again.

We will have time for only one full iteration of this move. It is simple and replies on the basic skills (pass, cut, screen, post) being well executed.

If at any stage someone finds himself or herself in a one on one situation, they have the green light to fake and drive to the basket (or shoot if they are comfortable with the shot option).

If anyone does drive to the basket, the other players (particularly the forwards) must move to the basket looking for a dish from the dribble penetration.
Submitted by: Michael Stokes
Category: Offense man
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