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Offense flex
Playname: Space 1
1 dribbles to one side which becomes the ball-side.
2 goes for the double-screen with 5.
4 pops out up top.
3 cuts through using the double screen.
2 pops out to ball-side elbow after double-screening.
1 has four passing options.
The following set is dealing with the first option:
pass to the wing 3.
3 should look for an open shot after receiving the pass.
2 screens for 1; 1 cuts through.
3 could look for a give and go with 1 or plays with 5 who is posting up down low
If 3 passes to 5 he cuts after the pass.
5 should look for an 1 on 1 option down low.
He could give a hand-off to 3 or dribble out to the 3 point line.
2 gets a hand-off from 5 at 3-point line.
2 and 5 have a two-men game on ball-side
weak-side players (1,3,4) go for the FLEX motion on weak side.
Submitted by: Tobias Jahnke
Category: Offense flex
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