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Playname: Spiderman
Spiderman Pre-game Warm-up Drill

Spiderman is a fairly complex warm-up drill designed to encourage communication, defensive slides, passing and quick thinking before the start of a game.

Will take about 15 minutes of practice time to implement.

Run the animation to see it more clearly.

After the animation, see the teaching breakdown.
Start by teaching the basic pattern.

Either 1 or 2 can pass to 5, but 1 always runs behind 5 and 2 runs behind 6.
5 passes to 2.
2 passes to 6.
6 passes back to 1 who has curled around 5.
1 passes to 9.
9 passes to 2 who has curled around 6.
2 makes a lay-up and 1 rebounds.

That's the basic pattern.  Have the players run through this for a few minutes.  Keep the passers stationary for maybe 5 passes then swap with other players so everybody gets a chance to run the pattern.

Put the lines shooting and rebounding lines in the corner for the time being.
Next, move the shooting and rebounding lines up to half-court.

1 and 2 face each other and defensive slide to the baseline passing the ball to each other.  Once they hit the baseline, the pattern starts.
Lastly, put in the rotations.
After the lay-up, 2 takes 9's passing position.
After 9 passes to 2, 9 runs to the outlet position calling "Outlet".
1 rebounds and outlets to 9, then goes to one of the passing lines on top.
9 receives the outlet and speed dribbles to half-court then passes to the next player in the shooter/rebounder line.

The passers on top pass to the runners then wait until the runners curl-cut around them, and then move to the shooting/rebound line.
Submitted by: Curtis Perry
Category: Warming up
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