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Offense 3 on 3
Playname: Splitting the post 2
Splitting the post is one of my favourites, if it works it gives great satisfaction when you are the post.

It starts with a pass from 1 to 3.

1 and 2 will start a cutting move at the same time. As with the scissors timing is very important.
While protecting the ball 3 can make a pivot move to set a screen for 2 and 1.

1 and 2 split the post by cutting towards 3.

If 1 or 2 can grab the ball out of the hands of 3 they should do so.

The post however should not give a little hand off pass. Little control and quick defenders make this a not so smart move.
In this case player 1 grabs the ball out of the hands of player 3.
Makes a dribble and scores.
Submitted by: Jes-Soft
Category: Offense 3 on 3
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