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Playname: Stack press break
A simple way to play a break against a press zone should be somewhat like this.

Your team lines up like shown

2 and 3 rush towards the sidelines.

Player 4 plays the ball, in this drill to player 2.
Then player 2 dribbles towards half-court. Player 5 cuts deep into the offence, while 1 and 3 take their positions as shown.

Player 4 is the player which we rely on to be their as safety on the press break.
2 passes the ball back to 4.
4 then swings the ball to 3, while player 1 crosses the midline.
Player 3 passes to player 1 (guard) and the other players look for their offense position.
Submitted by: Ronald Loriť
Categories: Offense special, Press break
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