Basketball plays and drills
Offense man
Playname: Star offense (1-4) wing
Set up in 1-4 formation, with posts on the elbows.

There are two initial passes that can be made.
1) Pass to either wing
2) Pass to either high post

1 offsets to either wing.
After passing, cuts ball side of 5 who sets a pick. Then cuts to basket.

Can then run through, receiving double screen from 2 and 4 on opposite low block, before bouncing out to perimeter.
4 bounces out top.
Look for quick rotation; drive into they key or repeat of the Star Offense.
Alternatively run 2-man game with 5 and 3.

5 sets a back pick, 3 drives to elbow and passes to 5 off the roll.
Submitted by: Will Hart
Categories: Offense man, Offense
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