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Playname: St joesphs shooting drill
St. Joesph's Shooting Drill

Players form 2 lines on baseline with a ball each. They pass to the coach, step to the basketm and then cut out for return pass and scoring option

• Lead to 45
• Lead to 45, then flare to base or towards the ball

Scoring Options:

- Catch and Shoot
- One dribble jump shot
- Shot or Drive fake and shoot
Coach changes position of where to receive pass.

- Cut to the top of key for return pass
- Cut to top of key, then back cut for return pass

Points of Emphasis

• Hard leads
• Stance / Balance / Stay Low
• Correct footwork
• Catch and Face in shot action

Coaches Study Tour 2005

Submitted by: Matthew Dunstan
Category: Shooting
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