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Offense swing
Playname: Swing
A swing offense
Start with guard dribbling to the side to make the passing angle easier pass from 1 to 2.
Center 5 sets a back screen for 1.
1  set up the screen and cuts towards the basket.
If no pass from 2 to 1, 5 steps out and receive the ball from 2 to start the ball swing to the other side.
After the pass from 2 to 5.
2 cuts baseline using a screen of 1.
At the same time 3 sets a screen for 4.
(Ball should be swung from 5 to 4 to 3 and hopefully 2 at the middle/low post position)
4 passes to 3.
3 passes to 2.
If no pass from 3 to 2.
2 sets a screen for 4 who cuts to the baseline, possible pass from 3 to 4.
No pass from 3 to 4.
2 comes up to receive the ball from 3.
Ball is swung to the other side.
While the ball goes from 2 to 1 to 5.
3 cuts to the other side, using 4 as a possible screen.
No pass from 5 to 3.
3 sets a screen for 1 to cut to the baseline.
5 passes to 1 for the layup.
Submitted by: Drew Allen
Categories: Offense swing, Offense man, Offense
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