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Playname: Swing and cut baseline
3x0 Swing the ball back and forward around the perimeter.

3 players, 1 ball 2 pylons.

1 in the corner with the ball.
2 and 3 in the guard positions.

1 passes the ball to 2, and cuts to the other corner.
2 passes to 3.
3 passes to 1.
1 passes back to 3.
1 cuts back through the bucket.
The ball is swung back to the other side.
After1 catches the ball he shoots.
After the shot, 3 cuts to the basket for the offensive rebound. To start the drill again.

1 --> 2
2 --> 3
3 --> 1

Focus points:
First catch by 1, stable and watching the passer no look at basket.
Fast cutting by 1.
Pass between cutter and 2 very fast.
Second catch by 1, in release position (to basket) for the fast shot.
Play until a fixed number of shots are made or how many shots in x minutes.
Submitted by: Jaume Rovira
Categories: Cutting, Offense zone, Offense man, Shooting
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