Basketball plays and drills
Fast break
Playname: Three on two & two on one
The drill starts with 3 lines on the baseline on
one end of the court and two players on
defense on the other end of the court
As Player 1 dribbles up the center of the court,
Player 2 and 3 are quickly running up on
each side, ahead of the dribbler.
After Player's 4 and 5 commit to playing
defense on Player's 1 and 3, then Player 1
passes to open Player 2 who goes in for the
I usually allow one more pass for the layup if
the defense switches and plays defense on
the person that receives the first pass.
I only allow layups. NO jump shots.
In this example, the player who made the
layup (Player 2) goes back to play defense.
We now have a two on one with Players 4 &
5 being on offense and Player 2 defending.
If the shot was not made and the defense gets the reboundl then the player that missed the shot plays defense.
If the ball is lost to the defense because of a
bad pass then the person who passed the ball goes back on defense.
So generally the person who last had
posession of the ball on offense, plays defense against the two offensive players.
The other two orginal offensive players (1 & 3)
stay back and now become the defenders
against the next two on three fast break.
Player 5 brings the ball up court (Making sure
that the two offensive players are spaced far
enough apart to make the defender commit).
Player 5 passes to Player 4 for the layup.
Again, I only allow one more pass in this
The ball is rebounded and passed to the
center line to start the drill with 3 new players
on offense. Player 4 & 5 move to the end of
the line.
Typicall I have guards in the center line and
forwards and centers on the two outside lines;
keeping the lines balanced with players.
I emphasize:
Guards dribbling at least to the foul line before passing for the layups.
Fowards and centers running hard ahead of
the guards and moving toward the basket for
an expectant pass.
If the defense allows it, the guards are allowed to dribble all the way to the basket without passing.
Submitted by: John Hinton
Category: Fast break
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