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Offense triangle
Playname: Triangle-reverse option
In this example the triangle is set up on the right side. 2, the trigger man, reverses the ball to 3 who quickly passes to 4 on the weak side wing.
As 3 is beginning to pass to 4, 5 steps up to set a screen on 2's defender. 2 v-cuts and flashes across the lane looking for the pass from 4 and the shot.
If 2 shoots everyone except 3 CRASHES the boards. 3 stays back for defensive protection.
If 2 doesn't get the ball he continues through the lane to the left side corner.
After screening for 2, 5 then sets a screen on 1's defender. 1 v-cuts across the lane looking for the pass from 4 and the shot.
If 1 shoots, everyone except 3 CRASHES the boards.
If 1 is not open, then 4's final option is to pass to 5 who, after screening for 1, then rolls to the basket looking for the pass.
If 4 does pass to 1 and he is not open for a shot, then 1 has the option to pass to 5 who is rolling to the basket. If 5 does not get the pass he then stays inside looking to get good rebounding position.
If 4 does not pass to either 1 or 5 he then hands the ball to 3 coming over to the wing, 4 then moves down to the high-post area, 2 is already in the left corner area.
And the triangle has now been reset to begin again on the left side with 3 as the trigger man. 1 has moved up to the point area and 5 moves out to the weak side wing.
Submitted by: Steven Holmes
Category: Offense triangle
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