Basketball plays and drills
Playname: Two on one
One team stands on the left side, the other on the right side.
Two guys from the blue team get ready for two on one attack.
On the other side of the court stands one defender ready to defend the two attackers.
When the last blue player (not ball) crosses the half court line, defensive player 2 runs through the middle circle to help his teammate (red1).
Defender 2 will force the two attackers to finish their attack as soon as possible, to prevent the situation to become two on two instead of two on one.
While the attack is continuing blue player 3 (defender now) is getting ready for red offense.
After the blue team shoots, the red team gets the ball and starts the attack on the opposite basket
Again, when the last player crosses the middle line, blue player 4 runs through the middle circle.
Red team attacks, forced to score as fast as they can.
Everything now repeats, so all players get a chance to attack and to defend.
Submitted by: Igor Varnai
Categories: Offense, Defense, Transition, Warming up
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