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Offense man
Playname: Ucla
1 is the Point Guard, 2 is the Off Guard, 3 is the Small Forward, 4 is the Power Forward (or can be Center, depending on posting ability), 5 is the Center (or Power Forward).
1 passes to 3 who breaks out high for the ball and then flashes to the basket off of a high screen by 5 looking for a pass. 2 slides over into 1's position.
3 looks for a shot if open, then to 1 on a delayed cut for a pass. If 1 is not open then 5 flashes out for a high pass.
3 goes down and sets pick for 1 who pops out baseline for a jump shot. 3 posts open to the ball high looking for a pass. 5 can pass to 1 for a jump shot or pass to 3 for a post move then to 4 flashing in the lane.
Option 1:
If 1 is open he shoots the jump shot. But if he receives the pass, and is covered quickly 3 opens up to 1 looking for a pass and quick low post move. If ball doesn't come to 3 he goes away and sets screen for 4 who cuts across looking for pass.
Option 2:
1 is not open for the jump shot 3 opens to the ball and receives the pass from 5 for a layup.
If 3 is not open he sets pick for 4 looking for a pass from 5.
Option 3:
4 isn't open flashing across the lane. 2 fakes across then cuts hard off of 5 looking for a pick and roll. 3 slides out of the lane looking for a pass from 2 for a baseline jump shot.
2 can go all the way for a layup or dribble down and pass to 5 who is rolling to the basket for a layup.
2 can dribble down for a layup and pass out to 3 whose man has come over to help for a baseline jump shot.
5 can fake the pass and shoot the jump shot (this is usually open after 2 has cut once or twice and has received the pass).
Option 3:
Passing option 1
Option 3:
Passing option 2
Option 3:
Passing option 3
Submitted by: Keith Evans
Category: Offense man
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