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Playname: Warriors passing drill
Warriors Passing Drill

This drill combines outlet passing, passing from the outlet position back to the middle of the floor, long passes on the run to a player up the floor and passing from the wing to the cutter / trailer / low-post.

Start with 6 players on the court as shown, the rest out of bounds under the basket (the triangles).

O1 and O4 start by throwing the ball off the backboard to simulate a rebound and  then throwing an OVERHEAD pass to their respective outlet, O2 and O5.
O1 and O4 run down the inside fast-beak lanes (~ elbow-of-the-key to elbow-of-the-key).
O2 and O5 TWO-HAND CHEST pass back to O1 and O4 then run down the sideline to replace O3 and O6.
O1 and O4 make a long TWO-HAND  CHEST pass on the run to O3 and O6, younger players may have to take a dribble or two before passing.
O3 and O6 PUSH pass back to O1and O4 cutting down the lane for the lay-up or low-post move.
O3 and O6 follow their pass, rebound the shot and go to the end of the line.
O1 and O4 run through the lay-up and go to the outlet positions just vacated by O2 and O5.
Warriors Passing Drill

The next player in line (the triangles) steps on from under the basket and throws the ball off the backboard to simulate a rebound.  The play continues as in the previous sequence.

The coach can vary the type of finishing play... either a lay-up, jump shot or low-post move.

Player should call all positions.  eg... OUTLET! ... MIDDLE! ...HAMMER! (wing) ... NAIL! (trailer/cutter)
(see Category - Secondary Break; Name - Hammer and Nails Transition)
Submitted by: Curtis Perry
Category: Passing
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