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Playname: Wesmen
In this Quick Hitting Offensive Set, we are trying to hit 3 of our primary scorers.

1 has the ball at the top.

2 is our best scorer.

4 is our best 3-point shooter.

3 is our best post up player.
2 curls off the staggered screen by 4 & 5.

3 sets a screen for the 2.

4 curls to weak side - outside 3-point line.

1 goes through after entry to 2.

5 pops out once 2 uses ball screen.
2 comes off ball screen.

3 slips to net after screen - front of the rim

2 lay-up or pull-up.
3 on slip or seal.
4 on penetrate and pitch by 2.

5 has to read - if 2 shoots or goes to the net - 5 must go to the boards.
If 2 was jumped on a switch - 5 has popped for a relay to hit 3 on a deep seal.  

Great opportunity to take advantage of a miss match.
Submitted by: Tanya McKay
Categories: Offense, Offense
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