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Playname: Wildcat transition
To run Wildcat Transition you must first understand if you are a post player or perimeter player.
(4) & (5) are post players
(1), (2) & (3) are perimeter players
Next you must always know where the ball is
1. The first perimeter player (2) down will go to the ball side foul line extended.
2. The first post player (5) down will go to the box - ball side
3. The last perimeter player down (3) goes to weak side corner.
4. The second post player down (4) goes to weak side wing.
5. As soon as ball handler (1) can make a safe pass to (2) - he should.
6. (2) immediately looks to box for post player (5). He should also look for open shot.
7. (1) then fills in on ball side top.
This is our 4 out/ 1 in transition set.
Remember - (4) & (5) are interchangeable.
(1), (2), & (3) are interchangeable.
Submitted by: Rhett Beverly
Category: Offense man
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