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Offense man
Playname: Wildcat transition t
This a set play off of the Transition that is designed to get the ball to the post (5) first.

If that is not there then we reverse the ball and look to down screen for the wing (2) on weak side.

The third option is to pass to the screener (4) with a lob.

If nothing is there, we get into our offense.
1. (1) passes to (2), and (2) looks for entry to post player (5)
2. (2) returns pass to (1), (5) flashes up looking for pass from (1) then posts up on opposite block; (2) drops to block.
3. (1) passes to (4) and (4) passes to (3).
4. (4) screens down for (2), (2) flashes to ball. (3) has option of looking for (5) in the post or (2) flashing to middle.
5. Last option is for (3) looking for (4) rolling to basket for easy lob.
Submitted by: Rhett Beverly
Category: Offense man
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