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Playname: X-man
This play can be run for any player.  I use this setup as an example. Player 4 is main option.  Player 2 is the second option.

Designed for man-to-man defense.

Point guard picks a side to dribble to.  As he/she does that, 5 sets a diagonal down screen for 2 while 3 sets a diagonal back screen for 4.
At this point, 4 comes off 3's screen & 1 looks to pass the ball to 4 for the open lay-up.
At this point 4 is brushing off 3's screen and 2 is coming off 5's screen.
As soon as 4 passes 3 he/she sets a stagger screen for 2 as he/she continues to the top of the key for the open shot if 4 does not receive the pass from 1.
If 4 was not open he/she will post up on the block.

1 will then pass to 2 for the open 3 pointer. (This shot can also be taken from the free throw line if the cutter is a post player)

At the same time 3, 4, & 5 will get inside position for the rebound if 2 misses the shot.
Submitted by: Bill Renzi
Category: Offense box
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