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Playname: Purdue post moves
This is a post move drill for post players, but also good to rotation in your perimeter players too.

Have you guards out on the wing's, and 2 post player in the block and the other under the basket.
Players in the post will pass to the wing players, and post up,

Once they have the hang of the drill you could even add in coaches as defenders in the post. Just to add a bit off resistance.
Wing players pass the ball back in to the post, using your post feeding skills, low bounce pass or high lob etc.
Then execute a post move, have a structure so everyone does the same post move.


- drop step right,
- drop step left,
- pivot & square up,
- reverse pivot, ripping ball through,
- fake left, drop right,
- fake right, drop left,
- hook shot right,
- hook shot left,

once they have scores everyone rotates a spot.
After all the options have been ran through, you can add in perimeter move too, they still have to pass to post players, but this time post player fake and pass back,

Options to run:

- drive to basket
- fake dribble jump shot
- dribble to corner work post move's
- fake dribble to corner shot
- fake, and post feed again
- 3pt shot
Drill submitted by: Tony Shand
Sub categories: Footwork, Passing, Shooting

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