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Playname: Wing post switch
If none of the Purdue post series works then wing post switch is a great way to get some easy movement & space.

Ball is fed into post and swung back out to wing & then top key.
Coach has ball, post player has to be ready to start the back screen for wing

The wing player must wait for the screen to be set before using it.

Depending of the defense & screener, the wing player can go either side of the screen for the easy back door cut.
If no option for the backdoor pass then ball is sung to wing again and you could run the purdue post series.
On this drill option 1 is for the wing player to drive to middle, post player must now drop down to low post or short corner.

The post player must "stay in the eyes or the shooter" for the pass off option.
On this drill option 2, the wing player drives the lane, and post player must clear out to FT line or opposite post.
This drill can be run on either side of court,

You can also add in defense on the wing player, this help the back screen set.

Add in defense on the post, you could even switch this to work on defense and defending posts / wing screens
Drill submitted by: Tony Shand
Sub categories: Offense, Forwards, Purdue

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