Animated basketball drills
Playname: Baseline 2 on 2
A fast paced 2 on 2 shell drill from the baseline helps teach agility, speed and team work in offense and defense.

• Outer players are the offense
• Inner players are the defense
• Coach is at the 3 point line
• Offensive player passes the ball to the coach and sprints to retrieve the ball from the coaches hand
• Ball side defensive player sprints and taps the coaches other hand

Opposite offensive and defensive players sprint to the marked positions on the court which are usually at the 3 point line and elbow.
The two defenders must switch players.

The ball carrier has the option to drive to the basket for a layup...
Or pass to their team mate.

• From this point it's free play with maximum of 3 passes
Once a layup is made or a turn over happens, the 4 players return to the baseline and the drill repeats
Drill submitted by: Wayne Norton
Sub categories: Offense 2 on 2, Defense

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