Animated basketball drills
Playname: Beat the screen
This drill gives the game like movement for the defense to read screens, and know how to beat or cheat the screen.

THIS IS A DEFENSIVE DRILL, so the first few time you might have to walk this drill before picking it up to game speed and then live 2on2.

Good communication is key to basketball in every aspect. Players must call screen/pick once you here it you also must call it out.

The basic rules for defending a screen are;
- call it loud & early
- give the player being screen time & SPACE to recover.
- only cheat on ball screens (once your players have mastered the art)
- only SWITCH on a hard screen.

You should never follow your man on a screen always take the step off and go through it.

You may have different rules it really doesn't matter.
Ball is passed to Coach to start the drill

Use the idea of pass & screen away.

1st pass wing player down screens post.

Wing defender must call out the screen and take a step off your man, give the player being screened space to beat it.

Post defense must step off their man and go through the screen. If there's no space (because your teammate has not taken his step off) you should fight through it!!!

While this is happening the ball is passed to opposite wing.
Ball is swung back, and the same down screen motion takes place.

Remembering to take the STEP OFF & call the screen.
The next stage of the drill is to pass back to coach and either repeat the down screen motion or change and cross screen.

This is a good practice for the post players.
Once the players have got the hang of it after a few cycles of this coach can call live and then go in to a 2on2 game.

This will keep players thinking about options and position.
Drill submitted by: Tony Shand
Sub categories: Screening, Offense 2 on 2

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