Animated basketball drills
Playname: Closeout def. 1-1
Closeout drill 1-1.

This drill improves the 1 - 1 close out defence.

1 stay's behind the baseline while passing.
1 give's a chest pass to 2. 2 is above the foul line.

1 closeout and play's defense against 2 until one of the players will score a point. (note: Also the defensive player can score after a steel or a rebound. The one player who score's the point is offense. The drill is over if one of the players scores 7 points.  

Teaching points:

Give a hard pass. No bounce pass.
Teaching points:

Sprint 3/4 of the distance you have to cover.
Then stay low and intimidate with one hand high the shooting player.
Don't let player 2 get to the basket for an easy lay-up. Boxing out after the shot.

Drill submitted by: Gerrit Jan Heijink
Sub categories: Closeout, Offense 1 on 1, Rebounding

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