Animated basketball drills
Playname: Closeout def. 2-2
Closeout defense 2 - 2.

Chest pass from defender 2 to offense 2.
1 and 2 run (closeout) toward the offensive players.
Then they play 2 against 2 until one of the teams score's a point.
Also the defensive players are allowed to score when they steel or rebound the ball.

The team that scores a point becomes or stays the offensive team. You can play until 7 or more points.
Teaching points:
- def. 1 run toward the help position. (do not run towards the one you guarding. Because off. 2 has the ball).
- If the off. team shoots the ball beware that the def. team has to boxes out their player.

Drill submitted by: Gerrit Jan Heijink
Sub categories: Offense 2 on 2, Closeout

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