Animated basketball drills
Playname: Middle drill
Middle Drill
1 to 1 drill followed by
2 against 1 offense.

Players with a ball on the basket - basket line at 3-point line facing the basket.
Two rows with players at each wing.

Ball with 1

Player on the wing (2 or 3) gets free (I-Cut, V-Cut or L-Cut)

Pass from 1 to (2/3) at the 3-point line.
(In this case 2).
Ball with 2.

Variation 1:
Start Give and Go, but 1 and 3 change position or 1 plays screen away with player 3.
Ball with 2.

Variation 2:
1 goes for the Give and Go, and cuts to the basket.

Player 3 goes to the top and player 1 fills the wing.
Ball with 2

Pass from 2 to 3. Then close out van 2 on 3 on the weak hand of player 3. (When the ball is in the middle always force the weak hand).

Closeout first sprint then defensive steps; go in a slight curve, not straight to the offensive players.
Ball with 3.

3 plays 1 on 1 against 2 to the basket.

2 tries to let 3 play with his weakest hand (In this case left).
Ball with 2.

When the offense (3):
-1) Makes the basket outlet pass from the baseline form 2 to 1.
-2) Loses the ball or misses ball, rebound 2 outlet pass from 2 to 1.

3 becomes defense (has to get in front of the ball).

1 and 2 are the offense and play 2 on 1 to the other basket.

After that they rotate into the rows.
Drill submitted by: Carsten Drinkewitz
Sub categories: Offense 1 on 1, Close out, Offense 2 on 1

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