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Playname: Penn 1 vs 1 defensive drill
Penn 1 vs 1 Defensive Drill

Players work in partners, player 1 vs. 1 in the full court. Their "corridor" is between the sideline and the "split line" (in the middle of the court). Offensive objective is to get to the basket at the other end to score.

Defensive objective is to get the stop. Defense follows rules of turning offense as many times as possible in back court and channel in the front court.
Once offense gets to half way they have the option of passing to the coach (who is standing midway between 3 point line and half way) or continue to penetrate to the basket. If pass goes to the coach, offense will lead for the ball for return pass and scoring option (give and go). Defense must jump to the ball and deny pass back.

Points of Emphasis:
• Offense - ball handling / stance
• Defense - stance and technique
• Low and balance - ball pressure
• Jump to the ball - lead denial

Coaches Study Tour 2005
Drill submitted by: Matthew Dunstan
Sub categories: Offense 1 on 1, Fundamentals

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