Animated basketball drills
Playname: Boston drill
Players required: 8 or more.

Players 1, 4 etc. line up underneath the hoop at one end of the court. At the other end you place a passer (with ball) and a rebounder.

Player 1 sprints towards center circle. Here he step-slides to one of the corners (in this example he chooses the left handed corner). Once player 1 has reached mid-court, player 4 starts his sprint and so on.
Player 1 sprints towards mid-court and step-slides to the other side.

Here he sprints to the bucket and receives a pass from player 2.
He makes a strong drive towards the hoop and finishes with a lay-up.
Player 3 catches the rebound and replaces player 2.
Player 2 lines up underneath the hoop on the other side.
Player 1 replaces player 3 as rebounder.

Make your players run the circuit 5 times ending with a right handed lay-up and 5 times with a left handed. Keep up the pace!
Drill submitted by: Martin Overheul
Sub categories: Conditioning, Rebounding, Layups

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