Animated basketball drills
Playname: Combination drill
This drill is used to practice many different footwork aspects of the game.
Please note that the numbers are used to number the various parts of the drill (as described below) rather than players.

To begin drill players line up behind baseline at left hand edge of key.
1. Player closes out an imaginary defender at the elbow. (Emphasize: sprint first half, get in good defensive position, squeaky shoes and use voice "ball ball ball")
2. Player drop-steps and shuffles back and forth across the width of the key. (Emphasize: push hard to drop step, make it quick, feet don't come together)
3. Player closes out another imaginary defender at the three-point line.
4. Player shuffles around the three point line to corner. (Emphasize: good stance all the way, big then bigger stance, stay low, no bobbing heads)
5. Player practices explosive change of directions (zig-zag) up the sideline. (Emphasize: explosiveness)
6. Player sprints to centre circle where they jump stop, forward pivot 360 degrees and foot fire (pitter-patter) in defensive stance 20 times. (Emphasize: aggressive pivots)
7. Player sprints to sideline where they stride stop, backward pivot 360 degrees and foot fire again 20 times.
8. Player gets in defensive stance, defensive slide (gets beaten by imaginary offense), sprints back, slides again etc. (Emphasize: use imagination, work hard)

Player joins end of line.
Subsequent players can begin once previous player completes step 2.
Drill submitted by: Andrew Haysom
Sub categories: Defense, Conditioning, Agility

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