Animated basketball drills
Playname: Forward leads - leads drill 4
Cut #4 - Flare Cut from Elbow

After the Catch, Square-Up and Shot-Fake (CSUSF) from the previous sequence, 3 passes back to 1 and cuts to the low-block, leads to elbow then back-peddles (flares) towards the short-corner where he receives a pass back from 1.  He catches the ball in the air and comes down already squared-up on two feet and does a shot-fake.

When 3 passes to 1, 1 should have just completed a Replace-Yourself cut and CSUSF.
After 1 passes to 3, 1 executes a Replace-Yourself cut.
1's pass can be a two-handed overhead pass.
Coaching Points for 3
When running backwards or back-peddling, have your knees bent and have your head over the center over your body for balance.
Use, "You're in the air, ball's in the air!" or
"Catch the all in the air!" as a catch-cry.
Land on two feet, balanced and low.
Drill submitted by: Curtis Perry
Sub categories: Cutting, Passing

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