Animated basketball drills
Playname: Forward leads - leads drill 5
Cut #5 - Back cut

After the Catch, Square-Up and Shot-Fake (CSUSF) from the previous sequence, 3 passes back to 1 and cuts directly to the wing.  3 must get both feet over the three-point line.  Then 3 must do a catch fake to encourage the defence to over extend toward the ball, and then cut hard back to the basket for the lay-up pass from 1.
5 then passes to 1 and starts his series of 5 cuts.
You can work out your own rotation system.  I generally leave 1 and 2 in place for two or three goes, and then let them call somebody else up to the guard spot.
Coaching Points for 3
The key as to when to back cut is when the defense is over the 3-point line.
Offense must get both feet over the 3-point line before back cutting.

Coaching Points for 1
Use a pass fake when you want your receiver to back-cut to further encourage the defense to over extend toward the ball.

Compiled by:
Curtis Perry
Australian Capital Territory
ITCP Network Coach
Drill submitted by: Curtis Perry
Sub categories: Cutting, Passing

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