Animated basketball drills
Hbw 1998
Playname: 3 lane pressure passing
Based on the clinic of Rene Spandauw at the HBW Clinic on the 29th of December 1998.

This is a fulll court 3 on 3 drill. You divide the floor into 3 lanes.

One player has the ball in the middle of the floor. The other 2 take the outside lanes.
Each player stays in the same lane the entire drill. You want to advance the basketball against pressure without turning it over.
After each catch you're allowed one dribble.
You can't use skip passes. You can't use lob passes. Both count as a turnover.

If you score you receive 1 point.
If you force a turnover you receive 1 point and possession of the basketball. You start over on the baseline.
First team to a certain number of points wins.
Losers run.
Purpose of the drill:
• Passing
• Catching
• Pivoting
• Moving without the basketball
• Cuffing
• Conditioning
• Competitiveness
• Communicate
• Defensive footwork
• Defensive positioning
Teaching points:
• Meet the basketball
• Effective use of the
• Crisp passes
• Pass away from the defender
• Body balance
• Protect the basketball (circle tight)
• Talk; yell "ball" to receive it or say no
• when you think you're not open
• Talk on defense: "ball", "help" and "deny"
• Defensive stance
• Pressure the basketball
• ("shorten the pass") dribble, gain space
Drill submitted by: Jes-Soft
Sub categories: Offense, Defense, Passing

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