Animated basketball drills
Playname: 2 against 1
A fairly simple but effective drill.

Player 1 on 2 pass the ball to each other, until they reach the other side of the court.
They are not allowed to dribble and to make travels.

Player 3 is the defender who will try to intercept the ball.
At the end of the drill 1 will take his lay-up and become the new defender,

2 will rebound and might give an outlet to 3 after that they go to the other side of the court.

When a pass is intercepted by the defender the player who gives the pass will become the defender.

If at the beginning the scoring is low you might allow one or two dribbles.

You might even remove the defender to let the players first get the feel of the drill. (making no travelling while passing)
Drill submitted by: Jes-Soft
Sub categories: Passing, Shooting, Warming up

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