Animated basketball drills
Mini basket u6
Playname: Cannons
For U5-6 mini basket.
Theme: Pirates Fire the cannons
- The glass eyed (with a fish in it) pirates are each holding a cannon ball.
- They will all fire their cannon balls at the other ship.
The captain (coach) will instruct them to:
1. Load (Squat down)
2. Aim (Raise the balls to about the forehead area)
3. Fire (Shoot the ball high across the center line or should I say "into the other ship" by jumping up)

Very important to only emphasize one aspect of shooting in this exercise. Kids at this age are unable to correct two. In this case the emphasis is on using their legs to achieve shooting height. Forget about form.
- The cannon balls are bouncing all over the other ship.

- The glass eyed pirates are counting down 10, 9, 8, 7...

- The Peg leg with a kick stand pirates must retrieve all the cannon balls before they stop bouncing or they will take a hit.
It's not over yet!

- Find the wicks (Basketball inflate holes) and put one finger on it to diffuse the canon ball.

- 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Boom!  Any Undiffused bomb represents one hit to the ship.

- Play up to 10 hits to sink the other team's ship!
Next crew's turn to fire.

Have fun!
Drill submitted by: Patrick
Sub categories: Youth basketball, Fundamentals

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