Animated basketball drills
Offense 2 on 2
Playname: 2 on 2 b
Continuation of the "2 on 2 a" drill

Offense #1 passes the ball to offense #2.

Defense #2 plays close out on offense #2.

Defense #1 falls back to the basket-basket line for the help side.

Focus points:

• Help Side
• Talk on defense
• Closeout
If offense #2 dribbles to the middle of the court defense #1 will help stop the dribble and fall back.
If defense #2 forces offense #2 to the baseline, but is beaten, defense #1 should stop the dribbler.

Defense #2 goes to middle.
Drill submitted by: Dan Becker
Sub categories: Communication, Defense 2 on 2, Closeout

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